The heart of every human can be called that human’s life house, without which survival is impossible. There are quite a number of cardio exercises that help you burn fat and keep your heart safe, and your body fit.  Such exercises include:

  1. Stair Climber

A stair climber is one of the most effective cardio exercises. It offers an effective way to burn calories as well as keeps the heart safe from future diseases. This exercise helps burn about 500-600 calories at a moderate pace. Some people consider this to have the same effect as walking, but this is not true since there is a higher leg lift involved. This cardio exercise helps strengthen your muscles and increases the functionality of your legs.


  1. Swimming

Swimming is another very effective cardio exercise. It is an effective respiratory exercise as well. It helps burn belly fat and every other fat that will be harmful to the heart in future.




  1. Jumping Rope

Due to the energy used while jumping a rope, breath released afterward is unusual, thus, stabilizing the condition of the heart and reducing the risk of a heart attack.






  1. Jumping Jacks

This is done by repeatedly jumping with your feet wide open while circling your arms overhead, then back again. This cardio exercise burns about 100 calories in 10 minutes.




  1. Jogging In a Stationary Position

Jogging on a particular spot is a great way to burn excessive calories. It is very simple and gets the heart rate up and serves as a great way to warm up for more intense exercise.

These cardio exercises are the best for weight loss as well as a healthy heart. They can be done at home or outdoor. It is very important that one takes part in one of these exercises to remain healthy and strong.

Glucomannan capsules 4 success stories

In this article I will share 4 stories of how 4 women reduced their appetite and lost weight with glucomannan weight loss pills.

Jolene Phenster, 38 – Great story with konjac root fiber

glucomannan konjac root success stories

Jolene had been reading about glucomannan in different weight loss forums on the web. At first, she was skeptical about it because she had been told to avoid any weight loss supplements, but as glucomannan was natural, she decided to give it a shot.

She had previously been having issues with constipation, and once she started taking glucomannan, her constipation problem slowly begun to dissipate. She was a lot more interested in handling her insulin and sugar effects, however. Jolene pointed out that she was not diabetic, but she tended to react adversely to sugar spikes.

Now that she takes glucomannan regularly she has noticed a change in her cravings for sugar as well as how she reacts to her spikes.

Lizzie James, 45 – her story with glucomannan weight loss capsules

About four months ago, Lizzie felt desperate. She had promised herself and her family and friends that she was going to lose weight. She had, however, not stepped up to the plate. Her diet was awful, and she rarely exercised.

She had begun to experience a lot of anxiety about her weight, which was making her feel even more self-conscious. Six years ago, she had successfully lost 40 pounds, but she quickly regained the weight once she picked up her bad eating habits. At a café with friends, one of her girlfriends brought up the topic of glucomannan, and how it had worked effectively for her weight loss. When she got home later that day,

Lizzie immediately got to researching the miracle drug, and after acquiring all the information she needed, she ordered her glucomannan. She has been taking it consistently for 3 months now, and her appetite is completely curbed. She has lost 26 pounds, and she cannot wait to lose more.

Seera Punjadi, 27 – She took glucomannan konjac root capsules & lost 17 pounds

Seera has never believed in a miracle weight loss product. She was ready to lose weight, and she was committed to the process. On one of her consultations, her doctor mentioned glucomannan and its effect in curbing the appetite, so she decided to try it out. She started taking glucomannan twice per day.

She also increased her water intake and begun to exercise 5 days a week. She began losing between 2-5 pounds each week and after 6 weeks; she had lost a total of 17 lbs.  She is quick to point out that she did not have any side effects other than experiencing hunger after taking the pills.

Once her body became used to the drugs, however, her bowel movements became more regular.

Patricia’s weight loss story – 8 pounds in 3 days

Diet tips for losing thigh fat and reducing hips

Accumulation of fat in one’s thighs is annoying and leads to weight problems, MAKING HIPS UNATTRACTIVE. Fat tissues in a thigh lead to an increase in its thickness, and bumpy skin. These problems make many people to ask themselves many questions on how to lose thigh fat quick and effectively.

Without a clear procedure, your attempts to lose thigh fat might boost its accumulation. Below is the right combination of things you need to do to lose your thigh fat fast and you’ll also learn how to lose hip fat fast.


Thigh-Targeted Exercises

Not every exercise can help in losing thigh fat. Squats and lunges are the best thigh-target exercises. When doing squats, you should ensure that as you go down, you stop when your thighs are approximately parallel to the ground.

Pause at that position for at least three seconds before pushing your body back to the standing position. You can also do squats using exercise balls. As for lunges, you should do them while carrying dumbbells of 5 or 8 pounds in each of your hand. Remember to start with a few number of both and increase the number as days go by. 

Eating Well and Dieting

tips to get rid of hip fatEating well and dieting make the second step on how to lose thigh fat fast. Sodas, energy drinks, and juices should be avoided as they increase your calorie intake.

Drinking water is the best way to hydrate and flush out toxins generated from your exercises. You can also take unsweetened green tea instead of water. Avoid skipping meals as it will trigger your body to store more fat.

Instead, switch your meals to healthy foods such as oat and whole-wheat product. Soy products, nuts, beans, and lean meats are the best source of protein if you want to lose fat faster. Also, include fruits and vegetables in all your meals. 

Maintain your Physical Health to reduce hips

Instead of doing only thigh-targeted exercise, you should also do exercises that improve the physical health of your whole body. Exercising your whole body will ensure that you lose fat from all your body parts, not just the thighs.

Registering to a gym is one of the best ways to get full whole body exercises. Remember to also jog and take stairs often. You can also join a sport to improve on your physical health by burning more calories.

Having enough sleep has also been proven to boost one’s overall physical health, as it is well explained in this video

The above steps on how to lose thigh fat will help you lose weight and improve your overall health. It is important to note that combining all the three activities improves the effectiveness of your thigh fat losing process. Remember to always have your eyes fixed on the prize. 

Why Your Body Requires 1300 Calories a Day From Which 45% Is Protein.

Here’s the reason why Your Body Requires 1300 Calories a Day.

The Best diet plan should have 45% Protein.

part of a 1000 calorie diet - apple cabbage for weight lossA 1300 calorie diet is considered sufficient because it provides the right amount of calories required by your body for its normal functioning.

Many people have a problem losing weight because they are not eating enough calories to lose weight but the 1300 calorie meal plan is a sure diet plan for anyone looking to lose weight.

A 1300 calorie diet can help one lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks as long as they also exercise well and also be consistent with this meal plan.

A 1300 calorie diet is the ideal diet plan for anyone who is undergoing weight loss because with this meal plan, you are able to keep the body’s normal functioning by providing it with the correct amount of calories it requires.

However, an 1000 calorie diet is not safe for weight loss because of the above mentioned reasons. Therefore anyone on a weight loss plan should put this in mind.

Why 1300 calories a day is better than a 1000 calorie diet plan

Here are reasons why an 1000 calorie diet plan is not safe for weight loss and why you need a 1300 calorie diet for the normal functioning of the body.

  • Reason 1.

If you follow the 1000 calorie diet plan, you are likely to shed more weight but this will not last for long because the moment you resume with your normal eating plan, you regain your previous weight quickly. This is because an 1000 calorie diet decreases your body’s energy levels which you will need to recover by eating more and this is why an 1000 calorie diet is not safe for weight loss.

  • Reason 2.

An 1000 calorie diet set you up for food cravings. This is because an 1000 calories diet cause deficiency of nutrients in the body and therefore you tend to desire certain foods so as to cover for the nutrients which you lack. This way you only end up taking in more calories than the body requires to lose weight.

  • Reason 3.

Another reason why having an 1000 calorie diet plan for weight loss is a waste is because of the fact that when the body takes in way too little calories the metabolism is affected.

Dropping the amount of calorie intake sends an alert to the body and therefore everything slows down so as to conserve energy and protect the functioning of various organs in the body. This is what causes malnutrition, extreme weakness and constant sickness.


Why an 1000 calorie diet is not safe for weight loss

In this post I will share why an 1000 calorie diet is not safe for weight loss and why you need 1300 calories a day diet plan.

A calorie is a unit of energy found in food therefore, the number of calories in the food which a person consumes is a measure of the amount of energy units the food supplies. These energy units are used by the body to stimulate physical activities as well as metabolic processes in the body which include building muscles, maintaining the heartbeat, healing wounds and even growing hair.

Many people assume that eating a low calorie diet is the best way of losing weight, which is true but if you drop your calories intake extremely low you risk in becoming weak, malnourished and sickly. For instance, eating a 1000 calorie diet is not safe for weight loss because the human body needs at least 1300 calories a day