Glucomannan capsules 4 success stories

In this article I will share 4 stories of how 4 women reduced their appetite and lost weight with glucomannan weight loss pills.

Jolene Phenster, 38 – Great story with konjac root fiber

glucomannan konjac root success stories

Jolene had been reading about glucomannan in different weight loss forums on the web. At first, she was skeptical about it because she had been told to avoid any weight loss supplements, but as glucomannan was natural, she decided to give it a shot.

She had previously been having issues with constipation, and once she started taking glucomannan, her constipation problem slowly begun to dissipate. She was a lot more interested in handling her insulin and sugar effects, however. Jolene pointed out that she was not diabetic, but she tended to react adversely to sugar spikes.

Now that she takes glucomannan regularly she has noticed a change in her cravings for sugar as well as how she reacts to her spikes.

Lizzie James, 45 – her story with glucomannan weight loss capsules

About four months ago, Lizzie felt desperate. She had promised herself and her family and friends that she was going to lose weight. She had, however, not stepped up to the plate. Her diet was awful, and she rarely exercised.

She had begun to experience a lot of anxiety about her weight, which was making her feel even more self-conscious. Six years ago, she had successfully lost 40 pounds, but she quickly regained the weight once she picked up her bad eating habits. At a café with friends, one of her girlfriends brought up the topic of glucomannan, and how it had worked effectively for her weight loss. When she got home later that day,

Lizzie immediately got to researching the miracle drug, and after acquiring all the information she needed, she ordered her glucomannan. She has been taking it consistently for 3 months now, and her appetite is completely curbed. She has lost 26 pounds, and she cannot wait to lose more.

Seera Punjadi, 27 – She took glucomannan konjac root capsules & lost 17 pounds

Seera has never believed in a miracle weight loss product. She was ready to lose weight, and she was committed to the process. On one of her consultations, her doctor mentioned glucomannan and its effect in curbing the appetite, so she decided to try it out. She started taking glucomannan twice per day.

She also increased her water intake and begun to exercise 5 days a week. She began losing between 2-5 pounds each week and after 6 weeks; she had lost a total of 17 lbs.  She is quick to point out that she did not have any side effects other than experiencing hunger after taking the pills.

Once her body became used to the drugs, however, her bowel movements became more regular.

Patricia’s weight loss story – 8 pounds in 3 days