Why Your Body Requires 1300 Calories a Day From Which 45% Is Protein.

Here’s the reason why Your Body Requires 1300 Calories a Day.

The Best diet plan should have 45% Protein.

part of a 1000 calorie diet - apple cabbage for weight lossA 1300 calorie diet is considered sufficient because it provides the right amount of calories required by your body for its normal functioning.

Many people have a problem losing weight because they are not eating enough calories to lose weight but the 1300 calorie meal plan is a sure diet plan for anyone looking to lose weight.

A 1300 calorie diet can help one lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks as long as they also exercise well and also be consistent with this meal plan.

A 1300 calorie diet is the ideal diet plan for anyone who is undergoing weight loss because with this meal plan, you are able to keep the body’s normal functioning by providing it with the correct amount of calories it requires.

However, an 1000 calorie diet is not safe for weight loss because of the above mentioned reasons. Therefore anyone on a weight loss plan should put this in mind.